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Ty - January 2003
Caroline Jenkins - October, 2002

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DATE: Saturday, January 25, 2003 6:50AM


Bob, you don't know me, my name is Ty.

I stumbled upon the St Marie site and pages by accident.

My Dad was stationed at Glasgow AFB in 66,67, and 68 as a B52 pilot with the 91st.

The pictures sure brought back some great memories of Montana. The times we used to fish at Ft Peck, the snow banks I trudged thru in the dark early mornings to deliver newspapers. I remember I used to have to put one paper inside each subscriber's glass outer front door. Oh! How many dogs tried to eat me, sticking their snouts thru the inner door mailslots???

I remember the countless hrs that my brother and I would spend in the Springtime and Summers, roaming the grassy plains, and hills, chasing cattle and collecting frogs. Catching dragonflies and watching the northern lights! And of course the mosquitos and flies. my Dad got us lost on a picnic one time amid a cloud of skeeters so thick we had to turn on the windshield wipers.!!

The picture of the base pond vividly brought back all the times we had nighttime skating parties , the hot chocolate , the bruises , sore ankles and blisters, bonfires and long johns, and blue skin from the dye in our Wrangler blue jeans bleeding. We had some pretty outrageous sledding and tobogganing too!!

I also liked the flight line pics, Dad was gone so often TDY for months on end usually to Guam, other times he was always making coastal practice runs during those cold War days, that would last 48hr and more. We met him at the flight line often and he would greet us with a big smile , flight suit all wrinkled and smelling of sweat and Wrigley's gum.

We only had 2 cable channels back then I think, one out of Salt Lake and one from Great Falls or Helena. The 3rd channel it seems, was the base info channel. It was but 4-5 clocks on the wall, with music to accompany the camera as it panned the clocks left to right and back. Time, Temp, Barometer, Wind etc. When the cable went out during storms , that's all we had to watch. The camera would go sooooo slow back and forth and back and forth, occasionnally getting stuck on one clock, till someone noticed it and got it corrected.

The best benefit of those long coastal practice missions, besides the security of the country, was that sometimes the crews would bring home trash cans of live lobsters from the east coast or giant 3-4 ft long boxes of frozen King crab legs from the Alaskan west. Dad would spend a rare Sunday afternoon relaxing ,sometimes, eating King Crab on saltines with mayo and lemon and watching Roller Derby from the Salt Lake feed.

I'm just shy of 50 now ,but remember it like it was yesterday.

Enjoy your little Eden. Good fishin', blue skies and great BBQ's to you .

Love and light to you all!, Thanks for the memories!


File photo of a unit of building 388 Hickory on March 28, 2001
Unit of Building 388 Hickory
Directly across street from 389 Hickory

DATE: Sunday, October 6, 2002 6:57AM

SUBJECT: I stumbled upon the website

And I got homesick!!!

Many years ago when I was an Air Force wife, we lived at 389-C Hickory Street at Glasgow AFB. I have wondered so many times whatever happened to the housing. It was wonderful housing. I had never had a garbage disposal before I moved there.

We were a close knit military group. Of course, everybody hated the weather and sometimes we tired of the isolation. But eventually, I think we all learned to love the place. I worked in the Civilian Pay section of the finance office. Every Friday night my little girl and I went to Glasgow and ate out and went shopping. No matter what the weather was.

I am so happy that you all are living there and enjoying life. I would love to visit there one more time. I have such fond memories. We left there in 1964 and a few years later the marriage broke up and I have lived in Florida, Virginia and North Carolina since then. I have been back home in South Carolina for more than 25 years now. I live in a beautiful spot on the planet, Hilton Head Island, SC, now but for some reason my mind often wanders back to that corner of Montana and I remember it fondly.

Thanks for the website. It is very well done. It has made my day to find it. The picture of the lady at 393A Hickory - I could hardly believe it. My street!!!

What buildings do you all use? Do you use the chapel? There used to be a little wooden Episcopal church right outside the gate that I attended. I was living there when JFK was killed so naturally when that subject comes up my mind goes back to Montana. We got cable tv (and that was many years before cable was all over) from Salt Lake City. Every spring when the snows melted in Idaho, our cable went out for at least a week. And I remember the tumble weeds!! They always accumulated by my garage door and that was a chore to get them out of the way to go to work.

Again, thanks for the website. I will check back again and again to see what's new in my old neighborhood. If any of you ever venture down this way, PLEASE look me up.

Caroline Jenkins
Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

File photo of unit of building 388 Hickory, March 28, 2001
Rear view of a unit of 388 Hickory

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