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Unofficial Condo Assn Web Site Closes Today

                         August 30, 2003

Dear Readers of the 'Unofficial' St. Marie Condominium Association Web Site,

The web site is closed effective today. The pages have reached the limit of the free space so generously provided by our host,, and extensive revision and deletion of much dated material and many photos is needed. Also, I've received second and third hand information that some personal content is apparently offensive to some readers. Perhaps I should not have posted personal opinions and information that could have been construed as representing the 'Condo Association' and I deeply regret that. Lastly, I find it increasingly difficult to expend the effort and hours needed to properly maintain the web site. Thus it's time to close the web site and move on to further enjoyment of the St. Marie Condo Association experience - but only as a member.

        We feel an obligation to those former Glasgow AFB residents who have expressed interest via the guestbook. We have new photos and information to be posted and hope you will continue to visit the site and to view/use the guestbook.

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