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Asin Road Barangay & Tibbetts House

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Asin Road has its beginning in Baguio City at the city side of the Cooyosan Mall on Naguilian Road. When traveling along Naguilian Road toward La Union, be prepared to turn left as you near Cooyosan Mall, and follow Asin Road passing directly behind the Mall. Asin Road almost immediately begins a downslope so continual braking or down-shifting is needed to control vehicle speed. One reminder to vehicle drivers is that uphill bound vehicles have the right-of-way over those going downhill where either lane is blocked by parked vehicles or other obstructions. Please be courteous and patient. You will enjoy a pleasant five-minute drive passing through San Luis Barangay, and will easily recognize your arrival at Asin Road Barangay (besides the decorative welcome marker) for the road abruptly narrows, passing between high rock walls for a 100-yard stretch. Slow down as you will find woodcarving establishments as soon as the rock walls widen and end. Midway between the shops on the left is the entrance to Celestial Village. That corner is also the end of the San Luis-San Roque Jeepney route from Baguio.

Continuing, the road again narrows, passing between less steep rock walls. Be alert and prepared for a very short distance on the right is the gate of TIBBETTS HOUSE, almost directly opposite the Ymana Sari-Sari Store. Most of Asin Road Barangay's wood carving shops and other attractions are still ahead of you, but sayang, it's as far as we're going. If you ring our bell we'll give personal directions plus provide a private view of Asin Road Barangay from our front porch.


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