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Asin Road, Kilometer 3, Wood Carver hard at work

Asin Road - Today

Current Asin Views

October 22, 1999 - Hoping to update photos frequently

Click on Photos below for larger view

Pawingi Gals - Carol Pawingi - Ymana Store & Mrs. Ymana (these 3 photos from March 1999)

Pageant Parade Winners passing Ymana Store (2 photos of March 1999) - Looking up Asin Road

New Real Property Offerings - Recently constructed Real Estate - Existing Residential Structures

Looking down Asin Road - Looking up Asin Road toward Baguio - New Housing Construction

Malcomb Square View in Baguio - Getting a jeep near Empire Theatre - Annie & Arthur's car in traffic at Bokowkan Intersection

A future sportsman and his Mom - Looking down through the gap - Myleen & Mary

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