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A Clear Lingayen Gulf View from Tibbetts House - rare sight anymore

Asin Road - Today

Asin Views - Downhill A Bit from Tibbetts House

December 22, 1999 - Hoping to update photos frequently

Click on Photos below for larger view

Lida Casusi's Gal - Lida's House & Gals - Road leading down hill from Casusi's

Bugtong Store - Aloy's Iron Works & Aloy (I'll be back to get a better photo, Aloy) - Ifagao Woodcarving Shop

Ifagao Woodcarving Materials - Newer house downslope with nice view - A pretty valley view

Nice view toward village - Asin Road needs repairs - Woodcarvings on Display

Another Woodcarving Sample - 103 Asin Road, Kilometer 3, Familiar sight to upbound travelers - Nice sunset view from Asin Road Barangay

Sharing a light moment with Arthur and Edmund - Looking up Harrison Road from Pedestrian Flyover - Another view of Malcomb Square, Baguio City

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