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Clear view of Lingayen Gulf from Asin Road Barangay - a rare sight anymore

Asin Road - Today

Current Asin Views

Every so often we take along our digital camera when we go for a walk up or down Asin Road or even during visits to Baguio City and other local locations. At those times we try to take photos of surroundings and of our neighbors we may meet. We rarely ask folks to pose for photos but prefer to use candid shots. We hope you might find someone you know or even yourself while scanning our views. Please let us know if any of our photos offend in anyway as we want only to please. Please use our guestbook to comment on the photos or on any page in our site. Please be kind. We desire to portray our Asin Road community in a positive, favorable way. Our gracious thanks to those whose photos appear on these pages. Salamat Po! and more power. May your tribe increase.

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December 22, 1999
And also
October 22, 1999

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