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Welcome to Tibbetts House Web Links

A few favorite links


Inquirer Interactive Logo

The Philippine Daily Inquirer - The daily internet edition
'Balanced News, Fearless Views' of the Philippines
Eau Claire Leader-Telegram
West Central Wisconsin's Daily Newspaper
Baguio Computer Club's Bulletin Board System
Member Login and Visitor Checkout Service
Gev's Home Page
Family Link - Gev's great page reflects the typical American Teenager - from Cajon Country
Old Jim's Home Page
Award Winning Pages & Gifs. Great Links. A must page!
Pilstilin's Home Page
Cruising I-55 in Cajon Country? Pilstilin's a must stop!
Soul Designs
The Premiere 3D Animation & Graphic Design Site
Tour of Baguio City
Pictorial tour of Baguio City and Philippine Military Academy
Make It Cebu
Cebu, Cebu, Cebu, and More
Wind Wolf Woman - The Red Pathway
Learning Center of Native American Philosophy
A place for 'Trekkies' - after the series ends . . .
Benguet Province
Scenic salad bowl and vegetable garden of the Philippines
PC Magazine OnLine
Computing's Premier monthly magazine.
A comprehensive search service for locating E-mail Addresses, Personal Home Pages, Phone Numbers, Companies on the Net and more! WhoWhere? intuitively handles misspelled or incomplete names. A nice place to start your search...


More Good Links

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