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Front Entrance to Asin 

Ruth Mary Tibbetts Compound Apartment Rental Terms, Specifications and Restrictions

First Floor Unfurnished Apartment for Rent
Asin Apartment Entrance

Asin Apartment Entrance

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Asin Apartment Specifications

This first floor, fully tiled, snug and cozy unfurnished apartment is located within the Ruth Mary Tibbetts Compound right along Asin Road. We experience a secure, peaceful, quiet and enjoyable life here. Local transportation is inexpensive, handy, and plentiful. Asin Road is cemented and our location is within 100 yards of the terminus of the San Luis/San Roque Jeepney Route (Baguio terminal along Chanum Street beside Empire Theatre). If you're coming from town and want to avoid the short walk at this end, you can ride the Asin Kilometer Six Jeep (get it along Kayang Street - up the hill and to the left from Empire Theatre) that will stop on demand right at our gate.

Unfurnished 2-Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, Tiled Kitchen, Intimate Dining Room, Living/Den/Family Room suitable for One or Two Singles or a newly married couple. This is a non-smoking apartment.

This cozy apartment was designed for western style living and is fully wired for 110-115V electricity with 220V outlets available in kitchen and dining room with wall outlets extending through to the living room. Electricity is via an installed BENECO meter and is at renter's expense without any initial fees.

All windows have security grills with screens. Both entrances also have aluminum screen doors installed. Security lights are installed and supplement owner provided security lights both front and rear. Motion-detecting security lights are installed at rear entry.

The apartment has cold water faucets installed in the kitchen and bathroom sink/shower. An electric inline water heater is installed for use in the shower. Water supply is at renter's expense and via a water meter of Baguio Water District who pump to us twice a week. Water is stored in an uphill dedicated 10-barrel capacity tank and supplied to the apartment by gravity. Conservative use of water is highly recommended during the dry season. We cannot vouch for the safety of city water and recommend that you purchase bottled water or boil all water used for drinking. Drinking water can be ordered for delivery at P30.00 per 5-gallon container.

A connection exists for landline telephone and the renter can arrange with the telephone company to have a phone installed.

Commercial Cable Television is locally available and may be installed at renters expense.

Broadband Internet is available at renters expense.

The apartment is intended for renters without a vehicle and who rely on public transportation. Except for prearranged special events, renter's visitors and guests may not park in the compound nor on the street adjacent to owner's property.

Garbage is collected by the city (currently without charge) each Tuesday morning. Renter may place securely tied garbage bags or suitable closed garbage containers in the compound holding area awaiting garbage day.

A roofed and sheltered laundry and clothes drying area with a sink and cold-water connection is available at the outside rear of the apartment. The laundry area has both 110V/220V electricity outlets with space for renter furnished washer and dryer. An outdoor storage area is also available beneath the kitchen for cooking gas containers and bulk-item storage secured with renter provided locks.

Asin Apartment Rental Terms

  • The terms of rental are P7,800 (Philippine currency) in advance monthly. A P2,000 Cleaning Deposit is payable along with the first month's advance rental. Cleaning Deposit is refundable upon termination of rental providing the apartment is clean and any owner-furnished appliances/furniture/furnishings used by the renter are returned in good order. The owner requires a 30-day notice in advance of termination.

    The terms of rental are as an unfurnished apartment. We have furnishings already in place that we will gladly provide as is and without charge as long as the items are returned to us in similar condition upon termination of rental. If not desired, the furnishings will be removed.

Asin Apartment Restrictions

Access Doors. Two access doors to crawl spaces and house service points are within the apartment and may require periodic accessibility. One is in the bathroom (as previously noted) and the other is within the Guest Bedroom via the large storage area atop the rock wall. Unless under emergency conditions, the owner will provide 24-hour advance notice of intention to use the access doors.

Give us a call at 442-5925 and Come on over and have a look!
Please send email to: Bob Tibbetts

Shrubs & Flowers and Scenic Views await you at the rear exit
Shrubs, Flowers, and Scenic Views await you at the rear exit

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