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Descendants of Hiram Elmer Tibbetts



Generation No. 1


1.  HIRAM ELMER3 TIBBETTS  (WILLIAM2, STEPHEN1) was born Abt. 1862 in Dodge County, Wisconsin, and died 13 Jul 1946 in Eau Claire, Eau Claire County, Wisconsin.  He married LUCY GABERT 29 Aug 1885 in Downsville, Dunn County, Wisconsin, daughter of FREDERICH GABERT and MARY.  She was born 1866 in Wisconsin.





Emails from Arthur Charles Tibbetts III to Robert Wayne Tibbetts:


From: <>

To: <>

Sent: Sunday, December 22, 2002 2:18 AM

Subject: Tibbetts Family

I am part of that long line of Tibbetts that you apparently painstakingly

researched. I am way down from Hiram to Arthur. Arthur was my Grandfather.

I am Arthur Charles Tibbetts lll. Have you taken the search any farther? I

noted that there was a Stephen who was the father of William......... If

someone else is involved with this pursuit or if you have other sources


I could try, I would be very appreciative.

Thank You,

Art Tibbetts


From: <>

To: <>

Sent: Sunday, December 23, 2002 8:26 AM

Subject: Tibbetts Family

Hello Art,

        Sure is good to hear from you, Art, and happy that another Tibbetts

is interested in the family history. Your email is the best Christmas gift I

could hope for.  I'm really excited that another related Tibbetts has

surfaced after all these years.  I've not yet found the parents of William

Tibbetts nor Rachel Pomeroy but I have a lead on where they came from in

Maine thanks to Susan Anderson a year or more ago.  I'm not a genealogist

and started researching the family history with plenty of help from my

siblings and from my father's only sister (only sibling), Alice (Tibbetts)

Johnson, who still resides in Bremerton, WA and celebrates her 100th

birthday March 28, 2003.  My original intention was to just record data on

the living members of the family for the future benefit of family members

using the internet as a handy place to store it all.  Well, it's branched

out from there.  You are the first fellow descendant of William and Rachel

that has contacted me and I'm sure hoping you can help fill in lots of the

empty gaps - at least in your family up to Hiram.  I'm sending you a long

report from the Family Tree Maker program that I use to store and manage the

family history data that I have.  This is more up-to-date than the web page

data that I haven't bothered to keep up to date so well. 

        I'm hoping you can share your family data with me.  You can see what

little info I have on the descendants of Hiram and you can change that if

you will help me.  If you haven't already done so, you can start with

yourself and spouse as a family group and write down full names, dates &

places of birth; marriage; and death of both yourself, your spouse, and your

children.  I have family group data sheets that I use and will gladly send

you one you can print out for each family group. Anything you know of the

family group data of your siblings, your parents and grandparents and great

grandparents is very welcome.  It does not have to be complete info to be

very valuable.  You are obviously a generation younger than I as your father

was in my generation. I see that your ggf Hiram and my gf Charles Arthur

were both born in Dodge County, Wisconsin.  I hope to do some online

searching there for records of their birth.  We spend most of each year here

in Baguio City, Philippines and stay mostly in Montana when we are in the

USA and I haven't been in Wisconsin long enough in recent years to do any

serious searching.  Where do you live, Art?

         Thanks so very much for your email and hope we can help each other

out until we have a complete history of William and Rachel's descendants.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.  Looking forward to

hearing from you. . . Bob Tibbetts


From: <>

To: <>

Sent: Monday, December 23, 2002 4:52 AM

Hi Bob,

First of all... “MERRY CHRISTMAS”

 Thank you SO... Much for all of the work you did on the family tree.  When I

ran across your web site I was thrilled with all of the information.

Wow, from Montana to the Philipines, that’s quite a commute.  You are taking

the term “Snow Birds” to the extreme.  I have visited the Philipines as a

sailor during the Viet Nam war.  Beautiful country.  Loved the Mango Ice


My wife and I are now both retired from teaching in the small mountain

community, Lake Isabella, California.  We are about 25 miles from the Giant

Redwoods on the Kern River.  She is pursuing her hobby of watercolor painting

and I am restoring a turquoise blue 1956 Thunderbird.  We both enjoy

traveling and are planning a mojor trip back east in our RV this coming

summer.  Will probably stop in Eau Claire and Maine to see what we can

discover about our ancestors.

I am working on filling in the blanks on my side of the tree.  I started

using your format. ( Thanks for the attachment) I have to verify some info,

but I should have it to you in a few days.

About William and Rachael.  There is some information available on film from

the LDS church.  I will try to get those films after the holidays.  for your

information they are listed as: Family History Library Film 1255441  NA Film

Number T9-1441 page number 42D. 

I'm hooked !!!! Really getting a kick out of this research.  Thanks again!!

Art Tibbetts


From: <>

To: <>

Sent: Tuesday, December 24, 2002 7:40 AM

Subject: Here's our branch

Hi Bob,

Well I've done a little more research and talked to my mother and my Aunt Mary

Tibbetts Peterson and this is what I have to contribute to the tree.  Perhaps

this will fill in some of the branches.


Arthur Charles Tibbetts Sr. (Hiram3, William2, Stephen1)

Served in U.S. Army during WWI

Owned an Automobile Livery in the late 1930’s

Born ?         

Died ?         

Married: Eva May Perham

Born: Feb. 7, 1898  Wilton, WI

Died: Jan. 1946 Eau Claire, WI  Interment in Eau Claire

Children: 5


Gaylord Henry Tibbetts (Arthur4, Hiram3, William2)

Served in WWII in U.S. ArmySept. 12, 1942 - Feb. 1946

Retired Aircraft Mechanic from Continental Airlines

Born: Jan. 18, 1918    

Died: August, 1998 Lake Isabella, CA Interment Eau Claire, WI

Married: Helen Kinseth in Eau Claire, WI

Children: 1 child died at birth


Phyllis (Tibbetts) Galston Engle (Arthur4, Hiram3, William2)

Born: ?

Died ?

Married: Duncan Galston (1st) Ray Engle (2nd)

Children: 5


Gaylord Engle (Arthur4, Hiram3, William2) Nick named “Butch”

Born ?   Wherabouts unknown

Mary Virginia Engle (Arthur4, Hiram3, William2) Nick named “Babe”


Died? Deceased

Paul James Engle (Arthur4, Hiram3, William2)Nick named “Bub”


Died ? Deceased

Buster ( Real name unknown) Engle (Arthur4, Hiram3, William2)

Born? Wereabouts unknown

Buddy ( Real name unknown) Engle (Arthur4, Hiram3, William2)

Born? Adapted out to Family named Leverette

Died ? Deceased


James D. Tibbetts (Arthur4, Hiram3, William2)

Served U.S. Air Force during Korean War Aug. 15, 1952 to Aug. 13, 1956

Drives Vehicle Transport truck Boston, MA

Born ?

Married: Marjory (Last name Unknown) (1st) Rosewitha ( Last name unknown)


Children: 4


Names unknown



Mary Lou Tibbetts (Peterson)     (Arthur4, Hiram3, William2)

Retired retail Manager- Lives in Casselberry,Florida

Born Dec. 19, 1935 Eau Claire, WI

Married: Louis DePas (1st) Gerald Peterson (2nd)

Children: Five


Deanna Lynn Peterson  (Arthur4, Hiram3, William2)

Born Oct. 20, 1954

Michael Arthur Peterson (Arthur4, Hiram3, William2)

Born Jan. 27, 1957

Lauri Mae Peterson (Arthur4, Hiram3, William2)

Born June 7, 1959

Geri Sue Peterson (Arthur4, Hiram3, William2)

Born July 1, 1960

Mark Alan Peterson (Arthur4, Hiram3, William2)

Born Oct. 24, 1962


Arthur Charles Tibbetts, Jr. (Arthur4, Hiram3, William2)

Served U.S. Navy during WWII on Aircraft Carrier “ Bunker Hill” during

Japanese “Kamakaze” attack

Worked as High School Chemistry Teacher ( Tibbetts Middle School in

Farmington, NM named for him)

Born: Sept. 30, 1924 Eau Claire, WI

Died: Dec. 23, 1956 Farmington, New Mexico  interment Farmington

Married: Roberta Dean Graham

Born: Jan. 18, 1927 Toledo, Ohio

Children: Three


Arthur Charles Tibbetts lll ( Arthur5, Arthur4, Hiram3, William2)

Served U.S. Navy during Viet Nam war Sept. 1964 to Sept. 6, 1968

Retired  Middle School Teacher Living in Lake Isabella, CA

Born: Sept. 7, 1947

Married: Nancy Carrol James(Puls)

Born: June 27, 1947 Crittenden, KY

Divorced 1978

Children: 2

2nd Marriage: Sammy Jane (Horne)Fulton

Retired Kindergarten teacher

Born: Feb. 25, 1939 in Waco, TX


Scott Charles Tibbetts ( Arthur6, Arthur5, Arthur4, Hiram3, William2)

Paramedic Fireman Winchester, KY

Born: June 27, 1971 Phoenix, AZ

Married: Cherie Wells

Children: 2


Kriste Trillene Tibbetts

Born: May 15, 1998 Winchester, KY


Alyssa Shelby Tibbetts

Born; June 14, 2001 Winchester, KY



Sean Brandon Tibbetts (Arthur6, Arthur5, Arthur4, Hiram3, William2)

Works in Computer Communications in Lexington, KY

Born: Oct. 8, 1976 Phoenix, AZ

Married: NO

Children: NO


Bruce Edward Tibbetts (Arthur5, Arthur4, Hiram3, William2)

Lives In Glendale, AZ

Born: May 8, 1950 in  Eau Claire, WI

Married: NO

Children: NO


David Lynn Tibbetts (Arthur5, Arthur4, Hiram3, William2)

Where abouts unknown

Born: May, 15, 1951  In Eau Claire, WI

Married:  Unknown

Children: Two


John Tibbetts ( David6, Arthur5, Arthur4, Hiram3, William2)

Born: Phoenix, AZ

Where abouts Unknown



Correction of above data regarding children of Phyllis Charlotte Tibbetts in Dec 3, 2007 email from Gaylord Henry Galston:

From: "surebus" <>

To:  "Bob and Cor Tibbetts" <>

Sent: Monday, December 3, 2007 8:07PM

Subject: Re: Phyllis Charlotte Tibbetts (My mother)

Hi Bob,

     I was real happy to recieve your e-mail. Yes I would love to have you send me that file.

I will have to say that most of the information about my siblings on your web site is wrong.

     My mother: Phyllis Charolette Tibbetts, the Galston was right but she was married to a man in NM who`s name was Engen (not Engle) and he was not the father to any of us. Phyllis and Engen had no children.

     My siblings: Paul James Galston (Bub)

                         Born: Paul James Dayton, where that came from I have no idea. Somewhere in east TX.

                         Dec. 25 1940 or 41

                         Died: Age 49 in St. Paul MN. Cerebral Hemorrhage.

                         Mary Virginia Galston (Babe)

                         Born: On my mothers birthday 1943 or 44. I think it was on Jan. 21st.

                         Died: Age 50 in Homer Ill. cancer

                         Clarence Galston (Buddy)

                         Born: East Tx. Adopted and was named Clarence Leveret.

                         Duncan Thomas Galston Jr. (Butch)

                         Born: Strum Wi. Dec.13, 1946. I heard from him last about a year ago from Mexico City, Mexico.

                         And last but certianly not least, moi. Sort of joking.

                         Gaylord Henry Galston (Buster)

                         Born: April 30, 1950 EauClaire Wi. Luther Hosp. Currently residing in

Albuquerque NM. and loving it.


     If you would like to have any more information I would be happy to give you all I know.


Oh, by the way, my mother was buried June 6, 1966 in Sacramento Ca.


     I was so happy to here from you. Will you tell me a little (or a lot) about you?





From: <>

To: <>

Sent: Sunday, December 26, 2002 10:26 AM

Subject: Tibbetts Family

Hello Art,

        Thank you so very much for inputting your family branch information.

I attach a report produced by the Family Tree Maker program - I omitted from

this report the 'Notes' for your family group that simply contain copies of

your emails that I put into the program for reference.  I hope you will

verify that I've entered everything correctly.  I couldn't figure out how to

enter Buster and Buddy Engle without their real first names so I entered

them using the nicknames and also used the nickname feature to show that

they are nicknames.  Let me know if you find that I should have entered

something differently.

        I sure appreciate your prompt and extensive input, Art.  Yes, it

does fill many gaps in the Hiram Elmer branch and I've had an enjoyable

afternoon inputting the data.

        Cor and I drove through your area one time when we were stationed at

Edwards AFB.  It's a beautiful place and a great retirement location. We

spent 2 tours at Edwards (1971-1972) and (1974-1975) during my 26 years with

the USAF, retiring in 1977 here at John Hay Air Station, Baguio City.  We

married at Whittier, CA in 1970.

        I've spent many hours searching online to Maine and

found several William Tibbetts's that may be the connection to the past but

data usually has only the name listed.  I think we can find much info in


        Thanks again for the input and also for the LDS film data, Art.

Have a great trip east next year. Keep me in mind when you find more info

and I'll send you updates when I get new data.  Take care . . . Bob


From: <>

To: <>

Sent: Sunday, January 5, 2003 1:40PM

Subject: Re: 1880 Census Excerpts

Hi Bob,


Thank you for the information.  I haven't had time yet to do the search for

Stephen.  I went to the LDS geneaology library in Mesa, AZ last week while

visiting there.  I only got as far as the 1900 Census in Wisconsin on Hiram

Elmer Tibbetts.  I was surprised to see that his wife's parents were from

Germany.  I had difficulty reading her name, but I think it was Lucy.  His

occcupation was listed as a deliveryman and he could not read or write or

been to school.  Love this stuff!!!!  How is the weather in PI?  I remember a

beautiful place called Half Moon Bay near Subic.


We had snow!!


Thanks again,







Residence: Eau Claire, Wisconsin



Marriage: 29 Aug 1885, Downsville, Dunn County, Wisconsin



2.                i.       ARTHUR CHARLES4 TIBBETTS, SR., b. 04 Mar 1895, Eau Claire, Eau Claire County, Wisconsin; d. 22 Oct 1960, Mesa, Maricopa County, Arizona.

                  ii.       LEONARD TIBBETTS, b. 03 Sep 1898; d. Aug 1987.

                 iii.       GEORGE TIBBETTS.

                 iv.       HENRY J. TIBBETTS, b. 18 Sep 1899; d. 18 Jun 1995, Eau Claire, Wisconsin; m. RAGNA SOLEY, 27 May 1924, Eau Claire, Eau Claire County, Wisconsin Vol 22, Pg 59.



Burial: Forest Hill Cemetery, Eau Claire, Wisconsin (ECLT 19, 20 Jun 1995 p2B)

Social Security Number: 392-24-2496



Marriage: 27 May 1924, Eau Claire, Eau Claire County, Wisconsin Vol 22, Pg 59



Generation No. 2


2.  ARTHUR CHARLES4 TIBBETTS, SR. (HIRAM ELMER3, WILLIAM2, STEPHEN1) was born 04 Mar 1895 in Eau Claire, Eau Claire County, Wisconsin, and died 22 Oct 1960 in Mesa, Maricopa County, Arizona.  He married EVA MAE PERHAM.  She was born 07 Feb 1898 in Wilton, Wisconsin, and died 29 Jan 1948 in Eau Claire, Eau Claire County, Wisconsin.



Children: Five

Military service: Served in U.S. Army during WWI

Occupation: Owned an Automobile Livery in the late 1930's



Burial: Lakeview Cemetery, Eau Claire, Wisconsin (Source: ECL 1 Feb 1948 p2)



                   i.       GAYLORD HENRY5 TIBBETTS, b. 18 Jan 1918; d. 23 Aug 1998, Lake Isabella, California; m. HELYNE KINSETH, 12 Jul 1941, Eau Claire, Eau Claire County, Wisconsin.



Burial: Eau Claire, Eau Claire County, Wisconsin

Children: 1 child died at birth

Military service: Served in WWII in U.S. Army Sept. 12, 1942 - Feb. 1946

Occupation: Aircraft Mechanic for Continental Airlines



Marriage: 12 Jul 1941, Eau Claire, Eau Claire County, Wisconsin


3.               ii.       PHYLLIS CHARLOTTE TIBBETTS, b. 21 Jan; d. 06 Jun 1966, Sacramento, California.

4.              iii.       ARTHUR CHARLES TIBBETTS, JR., b. 30 Sep 1924, Eau Claire, Eau Claire County, Wisconsin; d. 23 Dec 1956, Farmington, New Mexico.

                 iv.       JAMES D. TIBBETTS, m. (1) MARJORY; m. (2) ROSEWITHA.



Children: 4 - Names unknown

Military service: Served U.S. Air Force during Korean War Aug. 15, 1952 to Aug 13, 1956

Occupation: Drives Vehicle Transport truck, Boston, MA

Residence: Boston, MA


5.               v.       MARY LOU TIBBETTS, b. 19 Dec 1935, Eau Claire, Eau Claire County, Wisconsin.



Generation No. 3


3.  PHYLLIS CHARLOTTE5 TIBBETTS (ARTHUR CHARLES4, HIRAM ELMER3, WILLIAM2, STEPHEN1) was born 21 Jan, and died 06 Jun 1966 in Sacramento, California.  She married (1) DUNCAN THOMAS GALSTON.    She married (2) RAY ENGEN. 



                   i.       PAUL JAMES6 GALSTON, b. 25 Dec 1941, East Texas; d. 1990, St. Paul, Minnesota.



Cause of Death: Cerebral Hemorrhage

Nickname: Bub


                  ii.       MARY VIRGINIA GALSTON, b. 21 Jan 1944; d. 1994, Homer, Illinois.



Cause of Death: Cancer

Nickname: Babe


                 iii.       CLARENCE GALSTON, b. 1945, East Texas; d. Deceased.







Adoption: Adopted and was named Clarence Leveret

Nickname: Buddy


                 iv.       DUNCAN THOMAS GALSTON JR., b. 13 Dec 1946, Strum, Wisconsin.



Nickname: Butch

Residence: Gaylord Henry heard from him in 2006 from Mexico City, Mexico


                  v.       GAYLORD HENRY GALSTON, b. 30 Apr 1950, Luther Hospital, Eau Claire, Eau Claire County, Wisconsin.



Education: Raised in Glasgow, Montana and graduated from Glasgow High School

Nickname: Buster

Residence: 03 Dec 2007, Albuquerque, New Mexico



4.  ARTHUR CHARLES5 TIBBETTS, JR. (ARTHUR CHARLES4, HIRAM ELMER3, WILLIAM2, STEPHEN1) was born 30 Sep 1924 in Eau Claire, Eau Claire County, Wisconsin, and died 23 Dec 1956 in Farmington, New Mexico.  He married ROBERTA DEAN GRAHAM.  She was born 18 Jan 1927 in Toledo, Ohio.



Burial: Farmington, New Mexico

Children: Three

Military service: Served U.S. Navy during WWII on Aircraft Carrier "Bunker Hill" during Japanese "Kamakaze" attack

Occupation: Worked as High School Chemistry Teacher (Tibbetts Middle School in Farmington, NM named for him)



6.                i.       ARTHUR CHARLES6 TIBBETTS III, b. 07 Sep 1947.

                  ii.       BRUCE EDWARD TIBBETTS, b. 08 May 1950, Eau Claire, Eau Claire County, Wisconsin.



Children: Not Married - No Children

Residence: Glendale, Arizona


7.              iii.       DAVID LYNN TIBBETTS, b. 15 May 1951, Eau Claire, Eau Claire County, Wisconsin.



5.  MARY LOU5 TIBBETTS (ARTHUR CHARLES4, HIRAM ELMER3, WILLIAM2, STEPHEN1) was born 19 Dec 1935 in Eau Claire, Eau Claire County, Wisconsin.  She married (1) LOUIS DEPAS.    She married (2) GERALD PETERSON. 



Occupation: Retired Retail Manager

Residence: Casselberry, Florida



                   i.       DEANNA LYNN6 PETERSON, b. 20 Oct 1954.

                  ii.       MICHAEL ARTHUR PETERSON, b. 27 Jan 1957.

                 iii.       LAURI MAE PETERSON, b. 07 Jun 1959.

                 iv.       GERI SUE PETERSON, b. 01 Jul 1960.

                  v.       MARK ALAN PETERSON, b. 24 Oct 1962.



Generation No. 4


6.  ARTHUR CHARLES6 TIBBETTS III (ARTHUR CHARLES5, ARTHUR CHARLES4, HIRAM ELMER3, WILLIAM2, STEPHEN1) was born 07 Sep 1947.  He married (1) NANCY CARROL PULS JAMES.  She was born 07 Sep 1947 in Crittenden, Kentucky.  He married (2) SAMMY JANE HORNE FULTON.  She was born 25 Feb 1939 in Waco, Texas.



Military service: Served U.S. Navy during Viet Nam war Sept. 1964 to Sept. 6, 1968

Occupation: Retired Middle School Teacher living in Lake Isabella, CA

Residence: Lake Isabella, California



8.                i.       SCOTT CHARLES7 TIBBETTS, b. 27 Jun 1971, Phoenix, Arizona.

                  ii.       SEAN BRANDON TIBBETTS, b. 08 Oct 1976, Phoenix, Arizona.



Occupation: Computer Communications, Lexington, KY



7.  DAVID LYNN6 TIBBETTS (ARTHUR CHARLES5, ARTHUR CHARLES4, HIRAM ELMER3, WILLIAM2, STEPHEN1) was born 15 May 1951 in Eau Claire, Eau Claire County, Wisconsin.  He married (1) MARIANNE BRAVO 20 May 1970.    He married (2) DEBORAH ANN SOMOSKO 22 Dec 1975.    He married (3) DENISE G 20 Nov 1992.  She was born 29 Aug in Eau Claire, Eau Claire County, Wisconsin.



Marriage: 20 May 1970



Divorced: 1980



Marriage: 22 Dec 1975


Notes for DENISE G:

From: "Denise G Tibbetts" <>

To: <>

Sent: Wednesday, August 18, 2004 8:19 AM

Subject: Tibbetts genealogy


Hi, Bob!

I got your name & email from Andre Grimard who's been doing some research

for me.  I'm the wife of David Lynn Tibbetts (Arthur5, Arthur4,

Hiram3,??William 2).  Actually, I am the third wife.  David was married

to Marianne Bravo May 20, 1970 & they had a daughter, Lisa Ann born April

20, 1971.  They divorced and he later married Deborah Ann Somosko Dec.

22, 1975 & they had a son, John David born Sept. 26, 1976. They were

divorced in 1980.  David & I were married Nov. 20, 1992.  You obtained

some of the family info from my husband's older brother, Arthur Charles

III. They haven't been in touch for over 25 years, but then they never

were really close.  However, David would like to contact him. Is his

email address  Do you have a physical address?


Andre also sent me your family tree.  Charles Arthur, Sr. was Hiram's

brother & Hiram was my husband's great grandfather.  I guess that makes

you two related in some "shoe string" kind of way.  My husband knew

Arthur Charles, Jr.'s brothers, Gaylord & Jimmie. He never met Mary, but

heard about her.  He wasn't positive, but he thought there was a sister,

Phyllis, who died young, but he never met her or knew anything about her.

 Arthur Charles, Sr. was born March 4, 1895 in Eau Claire WI and died

Oct. 22, 1960 in Mesa AZ.  David remembers visiting him on a farm near

Mondovi WI when he was very young.  I have tried unsuccessfully to find a

land deed in his name.  It was much later that he moved to AZ and was a

used car salesman.  Arthur Charles, Sr. had 3 brothers, Henry, Leonard &

George but I have no info on them.  In my searches I kept running into

Charles Arthur and at first thought it was just a mistake and was our

Arthur Charles.  But I learned eventually they were two different

persons, both born in 1924 & both served in WWII, though in different

military branches.


I obtained the marriage certificate for Hiram & Lucy Gabbert hoping to

learn their parents' names, but none were listed.  I was intrigued

because they were married on my birthday (Aug. 29th) and the marriage was

performed by a Justice of the Peace listed as A. J. Tibbetts.  I thought

he must be related to Hiram.  I eventually learned that he was a

prominent person in Dunn County WI but did not seem to be related to

Hiram.  A. J. (Abner)'s parents were Stephen & Catherine who migrated to

WI in 1855 from PA. David says the family mentioned their ancestors had

come from PA, but I have researched every way I know how & I cannot make

a connection between Hiram & A. J. or Catherine & Stephen.  I receive a

newsletter from the Dunn County Genealogical Society and I have had

genealogists at the U. of WI search, but they could not find anything to

connect these people with Hiram.  I did find Hiram purchased 2 lots in

Durand WI in 1883, 2 years before he married Lucy, but that's all.  I do

have obits for Stephen and A. J. which confirm their relationship, but

there is no mention of Hiram in either.


I suspect you may have gotten the Tibbetts line from Rootsweb as I did.

William & Rachel Pomeroy Tibbetts are listed as Hiram's parents, but I

have not been able to verify that as there's no birth certificate for

Hiram.  I have his death certificate but under parents' names it says


I guess you haven't had any luck, either.  Do you have info on Lucy

Gabbert's family?


Hoping to hear from you,


Denise G. Tibbetts


From: "Robert W Tibbetts" <>

To: Denise G. Tibbetts <>

Sent:Thursday, August 19, 2004 9:29 AM

Subject: Tibbetts genealogy


Hello Denise,

        A very warm though belated 'Welcome to our family.'  I'm very glad

that you are seriously involved in the family history and it appears you

have gone as far as I in your search, if not farther. Our FTM program says

that David and I are 2nd cousins, once removed.  I became interested in

family history in 1997 when I started a family website and found it a good

venue for displaying such information.  You can find those early attempts at although I've not kept it updated as I should have

done.  I do keep our FTM program updated with info as received or found.  I

cannot consider myself a genealogist because I do not require absolute proof

of information on input data.  I'm more of a family history buff.  I

consider the family data in our files to be quite accurate but not always

backed up by documentary proof. I was impressed by the approach to family

history of Tedd Mishler (see our website, above) who researches the family

of my paternal grandmother.  I originally asked for family data from my 8

siblings and many contributed with the bulk of the early data from my oldest

brother Charles Arthur and his wife Caryll (Wheeler) who now live in

Harvest, Alabama (  That's the

one who caused you confusion with Arthur Charles.  My grandfather, Charles

Tibbetts (and a brother of Hiram) we list as Charles Arthur but he is

carried in Wisconsin Vital Records and in the 1900 Federal Census as Charles

E. Tibbitts. His Town of Peru, Dunn County, Wisconsin Cemetery headstone has

him as Charles Arthur Tibbetts.

        I'm sending along a hiramtibbetts.pdf file with all the info I have

(mostly from Arthur Charles III) of Hiram's descendants including the emails

Art and I exchanged.  Yahoo People Search lists Arthur C. Tibbetts, 6704

Dove Ct., Lake Isabella, CA (760)379-2220. I have a photo of Art and his

wife Jane in the scrapbook section of FTM but can't find a way to export

that photo.  I'm sure the original is on our computer in Montana as I can't

find it anywhere here.  I hope Art's email address is still current.  I've

sent him updates on other family groups several times without a response.  I

haven't heard from him since we emailed although Steve Tibbetts (Chuck's

oldest son) ( who lives in Anaheim, California was in

contact with him and Steve sent along the photo. I'm also sending along

excerpts from the 1880 Federal Census with my comments on various family

groups, mainly because it includes Lucy Gabert's family data.  I wax and wane

continually on the possibility of Stephen Tibbets of Downsville being the

father of William.  With your news that Abner was the justice of peace who

married Hiram and Lucy at Downsville, I'm leaning that way again.  There are

other members who cause confusion also.  My fathers only sibling, Mamie

Alice (Tibbetts) Johnson, our Aunt Alice, is still going strong in

Bremerton, Washington and will be 102 on March 28th.  I don't think Aunt

Alice accepts Oscar Tibbetts as a son of William although his marriage

certificate (which I've not seen) says he is.  Andre says they are all

listed together in Dodge County, Wisconsin, on the 1860 Census.  I rely

mostly on the RootsWeb county websites for info and the Dodge Co. site isn't

as up to date as many - yet, and I haven't seen that census.  Anyhow, I can wait until your many sources

turn up something that I'm sure you'll share with us, and I'll keep plugging along too.  You're welcome to any

data I have, Denise.   Thanks so much for the helpful email.  It confirms

much and still leave lots to search for.  Waiting to hear from you . . . Bob


PS:  I'm the second surviving son of Marvin Henry Tibbetts and Inga Randina

Johnson.  Marvin and Mamie Alice are the only known children of Charles E.

(or Arthur) Tibbetts and Mary Elizabeth Mishler. 


From: "Denise G Tibbetts" <>

To: <>

Sent: Friday, August 20, 2004 4:19 AM

Subject: Tibbetts genealogy


Hi, Bob!


Thanks for the warm welcome--and all the information.  I must tell you I

am "green" about all the things available with a computer.   For me, it

has been intimidating and I have basically learned only what I need to

know to handle the software for my job as a medical biller.  I've picked

up the genealogy search after many years letting it lay dormant and I do

not have a computer program to handle it.  I'm still doing it the old

fashioned way, on paper with charts.  This is like trying to solve a good

mystery.  You have to look for clues, and often you overlook them.  You

also have to be creative in finding ways to get the information you need.

 Looking at the information you sent, I got to wondering about why there

is no mention of William anywhere else that we've searched in WI.

Stephen was born in 1800 so it is possible that he was William's father.

However, in the 1880 Census that you sent it says William was born in

Maine.  According to the lengthy obit I have for Stephen, he was born in

Penobscot County, Maine and went to Indiana when he was 22, a year before

William was born.  Stephen spent 3 years there, then went to Canada and

finally moved to Jefferson County PA in 1828 & was married there in 1834.

 He moved to WI in 1855.  So, if the census is accurate, William could

not be Stephen's son because Stephen never went back to Maine after 1822.

  I suppose if you let your imagination run wild, Stephen could have

fathered William and then left town, and either didn't know or didn't

want to acknowledge William as his son when he also moved to WI.  Pretty

far fetched, isn't it?


The obit lists Abner (A. J.) as Stephen's son.  I found it strange that

no parents' names were listed on Hiram & Lucy's marriage certificate. 

If Abner & Hiram were related surely Abner would have known the parents'

names & included them on the certificate.  Of course, there could be

other reasons, too.  One would think all the Tibbetts living so close to

each other would be acquainted.  According to the obit, Stephen was the

11th of 17 children and the last one living.  I think William was the son

of one of the other 16, but how do we find out?  Looking at Stephen and

all the relatives we've uncovered, the Tibbetts were pretty prolific!

Oh, and incidentally, I asked Andre about Connocot.  He was not able to

find such a place, not even in the early place names that have been

changed .


Are you familiar with the names Enola Gay & Paul Tibbetts?  He flew the

Enola Gay, named after his mother, to drop the A bomb in WWII.  David

said there was some mention of him among the family and he thought he was

related in some way.  I've tried to research that angle, too.  I got

Paul's birth certificate which gave the parents' names and I read a book

on his history.  By a strange twist of fate I was given the name of a man

here in Phoenix who had flown with Paul Tibbetts.  He said Paul had been

here a short time before for a reunion of their unit.  He told me Paul

was still flying and has an airplane freight business in Columbus Ohio.

He gave me the name of the airfield so I could write him, but warned me

that he was still protected by secret service and was a very private man.

 I wrote, but I never got a reply.  The letter never came back so I

suspect he got it and was advised not to reply.  One of my daughters

recently moved to the Columbus area and sent me a photo & article about

Paul Tibbetts so he's still alive & going strong even though he's in his

80s.  So far I haven't been able to make a connection.  I think his line

settled in southern Illinois.  A friend who's a genealogy buff is from

that area and gave me a lot of history of Tibbetts in that area, but none

seemed to connect with the ones in Wisconsin


My mother was born in Eau Claire & my father in Plymouth, so my family

history is also in WI in some of the same areas. I've been able to trace

my mother's family back to the 1700s in Boston but it's getting very hard

to find records.  I try to verify all the connections I make.  I've had a

lot of problems with my father's line and am stuck in the 1800s in New



I'll let you know if I make any more discoveries.  Keep in touch.


Denise G. Tibbetts








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