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Tibbetts Family Genealogy Information

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Rachel E. Tibbetts & Clark Marion Storey Family Information

From Susan Story Anderson on Aug 11, 2000

Asa Story and Catherine Ward (Birthdates/places still in confusion), had a son named Ira Samuel Story. Ira was born 2 Oct. 1820, and married his first wife, Laurie UNKNOWN in abt. 1844 in NY. (Ira was born in Hammond(Morristown), St. Lawrence Co., NY). Their first son, Clark Marion Story was born 9 March 1847 in Sardinia, Erie Co., NY. Clark died 14 April 1923 in Eau Claire, Eau Claire Co., WI. (Ira, Laurie, and Clark also appear in the 1850 census for Erie County, if you are interested in specifics on that census record, let me know.)

Clark Story married Rachel E. Tibbetts, born 25 October, 1853 in Portland, Cumberland Co., Maine. The info I have states that Rachel's parents were William Tibbetts, and Rachel UNKNOWN, (before you wrote, at least :) ). Rachel married Clark, 27 October 1871 in Dunn County, WI. She died 3 April, 1924 in Eau Claire, Eau Claire Co., WI. Their children I have include:
Ida May Story, born 24 Sept. 1874 in Durand, Pepin Co., WI. Died November 1892 in Durand.
Ada Bell Story, born 19 March 1876 in Durand, WI, married Wyman Hewitt.
Nettie Mary Story, born 19 February, 1878 in Durand, WI., married a B. B. Teeple
Ira Leroy Story, born 9 September, 1881, in Durand, WI., died 12 December, 1881.
Clark M. Story, born 6 September 1882 in Durand, WI.

I have not included any marriage dates, or too many death dates for their children, as those dates are unknown to me.

In a biographical sketch written by my long-lost cousin who has worked on the Story family for 8 years, I find this information: At the time of Clark's birth, Ira was a farmer, living in NY. Then it says that "In ca. 1854 Ira, Laurie, and Clark came to settle in Bear Creek Valley, Pepin County, WI, arriving in a ox cart." And it also gives this information, "On 9 February 1865, Ira's oldest son, Clark Marion Story enlisted in the Union Army under the alias John GAZLEY, age 18. He was mustered into Company M 1st Minnesota Heavy Artillery on 15 February 1865, and served until his discharge at Chattanooga, Tennessee on 5 August 1865."

After my cousin had sent me this information, was offering a free trial on a Civil War Pension database. I decided to do a search for Clark Story/John Gazley (his alias), and found that Rachel Story, nee Tibbetts was paid a widow's pension for Clark's having served in the Civil War. I'm assuming that she was only paid this pension for a short time, as she appears to have died only a year after Clark's death...

There is a family tale regarding our Story name and how it changed to Storey, and vice versa. There were two C. Storys living in Durand, WI at the same time - Clark Marion Story and his half-brother, Charles Jacob Story(my grandfather). They were always getting their mail mixed up - people would send mail addressed only to "C. Story". To remedy the situation, Charles went and changed his last name to Storey, and soon after, Clark followed, changing his name to Storey. My grandfather changed his name back to Story; it is unknown to me if Clark did the same.

Thank you so much for sharing with me Rachel's siblings. There are so many surnames that married into this large Story family, and I am always glad to learn more about the ones that married "my" Storys, and their families. Am always glad to share what I have, even though it may not be much at times. :)

I'm sorry that I don't have much about Rachel's early life, but I do have info on her children, and where she lived; so I hope this has helped you a little. When my children go back to school in a couple weeks, I intend to work more on this family; if I learn any more about Clark and Rachel, I will be sure to pass it along to you.

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