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We very much appreciate your taking the time to write and we highly value your opinion. Your input is a valuable source of genealogy information, and we want to share it with others.

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Carol Severson EMail Series - March 11, 1997 - Tibbetts
Doris Watson Email - October 14, 1997 - Tibbetts
Linda Tibbetts Sanchez Email - October 14, 1997 - Tibbetts
Brian Link Email - October 19, 1997 - Help Requested
Barbara Canik Email - December 17, 1997 - Mishler

Tibbetts Genealogy Emails

Received March 11, 1997:
From: "C. & D. Severson" <>
To: Subject: William Tibbetts
Date: Sat, 22 Feb 1997 17:21:14 -0600
I have information on another son, Oscar born about 1849 in Connacot, ME married 26 Feb 1871 Durand, Pepin, WI Josephine Clark daughter of Joseph Perry Clark and Harriet Jane Berto (my relative) married second 23 Nov 1887 Sarah Grenier in Eau Claire, WI. Oscar and Josephine had at least 4 children. On the 1880 census, Durand only Caroline aged 4 and Charles aged 2 are listed. But, in WI Vital Records I found marriages for two more sons. Edward married Mathilda Duboise 3 Aug 1896 Peru, Dunn, WI and Elmer born 24 Jul 1876 Eau Claire married 21 May 1907 Eau Galle, Dunn, WI died 16 June 1962 Menomonie, Dunn, WI and buried 18 June 1962 Menomonie. I didn't do much more research on the family after I realized Josephine had died. Elmer was a friend of my aunt and she had his death notice. Oscar's marriage license clearly states that his parents were William and Rachel (Pomeroy) Tibbits. Hope this is what you were looking for and gives you some more leads to follow. Carol Severson

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Our March 12, 1997 reply: Hello Carol, Thank you for waiting. Our phone was restored yesterday morning after 3 weeks so I've been sorting and answering email like mad, much of it including the information you so kindly shared with us. Thank you so very, very much! What a surprise and a pleasure to learn about Oscar and his family and to realize that Elmer must have lived not far from us when I and my brothers and sisters were growing up on Tyrone Farm, Town of Peru, Dunn Co. We're a bunch of beginners at genealogy, but if the others feel half the thrill I do from your news, then the hunt is on in earnest. I've digested every word you sent, entered the info into William and Rachel's descendant's list, and examined surface possibilities. If Oscar was born in Connacot, ME, then it's safe to assume William & Rachel were married there and that Charles Arthur was born there too. I can find no Connacot on any of the maps available here at home but will be heading back to Maine on the www with some solid leads, thank to you. May we ask about you, Carol? Your email address gives no indication of your location. Do you or did you live in Wisconsin too? Your report seems so professionally correct I suspect you are an old hand at genealogy, knowing all the ins and outs of this fascinating task. Do you often have the opportunity to share your findings? I'm the second (living) son of Marvin and Inga (Johnson) Tibbetts and now 64 years old, living in retirement with my wife and daughter in Baguio City, Philippines. We have a web page dedicated to family genealogy with a partial 'Descendants of William Tibbetts & Rachel Pomeroy' listing that now includes Oscar. If you're interested in seeing it I will send you the URL. This should meet the qualifications of 'found' in Most Wanted and with your approval will certainly be reported to them as such. Thanks again so much, Carol, and we hope to hear from and more about you. For the Tibbetts clan, Bob Tibbetts

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From: C. & D. Severson <>
Subject: Tibbetts Family
Date: Thursday, March 13, 1997 5:57 AM Dear Bob, Yes, I was born near Eau Claire, but my father Howard Vasey was born at Louisville and my mother Frances Cotts at Downsville. Those are both in Dunn County. Their families had been in Dunn County since 1850-70. We moved to Milwaukee when I was a baby and my husband and I moved to Westfield 2 years ago after I had to take an early retirement. (I have emphysema and am on oxygen) I am not sure exactly where Peru was in relationship to Menomonie, but you may have known some of my relatives, Cotts, Vasey, Clark, Wold, Doughty to name a few. I still have some relatives in the area. Please send the URL for the Tibbetts home page. I have a little more information. My aunt lived in Menomonie until she died about 5 years ago. She kept a scrap book with obits and news articles of friends and relatives. I dug it out and this is what was there about the Tibbetts. If you have any other family members in Dunn County you are looking for info about (different last name than Tibbetts) let me know and I will see if there is anything in her scrap book. Elmer P. Tibbetts wife Ida May (Everett) died 3 Jan 1956 at Menomonie. According to Elmer's obit he had 3 suriving daughters: Mrs. Genevieve Mulheron at Ettrick, Mrs. Dale Buzzell (Marie) at Portland, OR and Mrs. Norman (Nina) Penquite at Frederick, WI; Four sons Roy, at Frederick, WI, Palmer at Milwaukee, Raymond at Eau Claire (who died Dec 1983) and Edward at Menomonie. Two years ago, Palmer was still alive in Milwaukee. We have an old phone book that lists him at 6291 Fleetwood Court, Milwaukee Phone 414-421-6060. He is a doctor. I have been doing genealogy for about 15 years and I am still learning thanks to the computer and the internet. I am finding that I did not do all the documentation along the way that I should have. Remember to keep notes of where you found your information. Some day someone may want to refer back to it. I sent a note to Most Wanted, but you should certainly do so as well. Good Luck in your search. Carol Severson (Mrs. Donald) W6037 Elk Drive Westfield, WI 53964

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Our reply of 14 March 1997:
Dear Carol,
Thanks so much for the your nice reply and the bonus of the added information on Elmer's family. Perhaps others in the family may remember better than I, but I remember the names Cotts and Doughty plus I remember our Mom saying we had relatives in Frederick. There were Mulherans living in our community but I don't remember them as relatives. My older sister, Mary, and I were born at Sacred Heart Hospital, Eau Claire. The family then moved to Town of Peru, a township of Dunn County and not a town as such. There may have been a town at one time with commercial places but when we lived there Meridean, also in the township, was the nearest village. On my trusty Rand-McNally Road Atlas of circa 1968 or so, Downsville is shown on Hwy 25 about 8 miles south of Menomonie. Meridean is about 8 miles southeast of Downsville as the crow flies, a bit farther by the road which is not shown on my map. There was a ferry across the Chippewa River at Meridean when I was growing up that was closed probably around the time that we moved to Elmwood during the winter of 1947-1948. I can remember riding with my folks from Menomonie via Downsville to the ferry landing (the ferry was manned by Cris Swenson for many years who lived in a house provided for that purpose on the Meridean side right near the landing. When we reached the opposite landing my Dad would blow the horn until Cris came out of his house and brought the ferry - that was powered by the river current - over to our side. That was always a big treat for us kids, and convenient for travelers too. The ferry was maintained by the township and I think Meridean was the site of the town hall. The town also maintained the town roads - all were dirt roads at that time and after my Dad had a tractor on the farm, he had the job of hooking the town grader to his tractor to grade the town road periodically. He was also supposed to cut brush and tree limbs that threatened the roads. After leaving Eau Claire the family first lived in a house about a mile from Meridean very near to the place where my Dad and his sister Alice were born. The original farm buildings were all gone maybe due to yearly floods. I had a good talk with Aunt Alice last summer at her trailer home in Bremerton, Washington, where she still lives, about the original place and she indicated it was near the farm of Herman Fern who I remember farming there. Anyhow, the family lived only a short time in that house and then moved to Tyrone Farm, about 2 miles farther down the same road or about 3 miles down river from Meridean and also very near the Chippewa River. That was probably about 1933-34. We kids went to school at Red Cedar School, almost 3 miles farther downstream. Red Cedar was on the railroad (the railroad also ran between our Tyrone Farm House and the river) and was a community of mostly railroad workers. Red Cedar School was located on high ground almost directly opposite where the Red Cedar River joined the Chippewa. There was also a railroad bridge and a junction there as the track coming from Downsville, Dunnville, and Menomonie joined the track going from Durand to Eau Claire. All freight trains and we kids used to ride to Durand in the caboose of the work trains - great fun! Well, we walked to school and that was an adventure in itself. And the school was really something. One room with a big wood-burning stove in a corner at the rear with a sheetmetal jacket around it to keep the kids from being burned, but also served to spread the heat. School district provided hot lunches that consisted of bread and beans, mostly. The teacher put the cans of beans in the pans of water at the top of the stove jacket - the water pans were meant to raise the humidity of the room. More than once I recall the bean cans exploding when the teacher forgot to remove them in time. My first teacher was Mr. Hanson who lived in Menomonie and drove each day to the other side of the railroad bridge then walked across it and over to the school. The school was common of those of that era. A coatroom at the entrance and then the one big classroom with rows of desks. All 8 grades were taught and the teacher would hold classes by calling students to the front where there were chairs for them. They consolidated schools and Red Cedar was closed so I attended grades 7 and 8 at Meridean. I remember my favorite teacher at Red Cedar was Mrs. Peters because she was so good to me and somehow made me believe she thought I might amount to something. That was during wartime and her son was wounded. She brought his Purple Heart Medal to show the students.
Tyrone Farm is a story in itself and the Cider brothers from Chicago who bought it and caused us to move to Elmwood (we were only rentors) made a name for themselves that people around there probably still talk about. But I've rambled on and on, Carol, and enjoy recalling those times but probably boring you to tears. We had a family reunion in 1990, the last year of Mom's life, held at my sister Mary's Prairie Farm home (they've since retired and now live in Eau Claire) and many of us, along with our Mom, drove down to Meridean to visit Locke Cemetary (where Charles Arthur and Mary Elizabeth, my Mom & Dad, and brother Roy rest). We then visited Tyrone Farm, stopping along the road for a look and Stan Cider came out and chatted with us. The farm buildings were in a very deteriorated condition but most of the buildings we remember so well were still standing. Cor, Ruth & I took the same tour in 1994 on a Wisconsin visit from Montana, and were surprised to find no signs remaining of any buildings at Tyrone. I was very sad to see that chapter in my life so completely gone.
Before I forget I want to give you the URL for the family genealogy data: We also have a web page:
If you have any suggestions on how we could improve the genealogy page, or any of the pages, would sure appreciate your comments, Carol. The pages exist mainly because I'm learning how to use HTML formatting and found a need to try things as I proceed in the tutorial.
Sorry to hear you have emphysema. We hope and pray your condition will improve so you will not need the oxygen. I'm familiar with the area around Westfield though I don't recall the town. My folks moved to Fond du Lac in the middle 50's and we frequently traveled on Hwy 80 (south of you) through Montello, etc., on our trips back to Dunn County. In the years before his death in 1968, my Dad had close friends in Friendship, Adams County, and during my visits home we spent much time together in that vicinity, not so far from Westfield.
Thanks again, Carol, for all your help and we look forward to hearing from you again. Bob Tibbetts

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  Carol's Latest Tip:

From: "C. & D. Severson" <> To: Subject: Helplist Date: Thu, 20 Mar 1997 18:20:49 -0600 Hi, I found this great site on the web, Genealogy Helplist, that I thought you might like to know about. People are volunteering to do look ups in different areas. There is one who will do look ups of birth, marriage and deaths in Dunn Co., WI Charles Lonie at He is in River Falls, but he has said he will do look ups for that whole area. The Genealogy Helplist is at: I have offered my services on some Norwegian books. Good luck, Carol

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Date: Tue, 14 Oct 1997 09:59:55 -0700
From: "Doris Watson"
Subject: TIBBETTS, William

I looked up this name in a recent published book "Early Pleasant River families". This covers families that lived in "Downeast" Maine, Columbia, Columbia Falls, Addison, Cherryfield, etc. The only William in the book is William J. b. Nov 1843. However, that doesn't mean your Wm. wasn't there. This book is a compilation of research and input from local genealogists, so sometimes if a family left and there is no local records they didn't get included. Also, a Wm. Tibbetts owned land in Addison in 1793.
I know this doesn't give you much help but thought I'd write anyway.
Doris Watson

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From: "Linda Sanchez"
To: bobtib
Subject: Tibbetts name
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 1997 23:00:40 -0700
Hi folk!
I was born a Tibbetts so just for the fun of it I did a Tibbetts search and found your web page. Its very nice. My dad's family lived in Missouri and original Iowa I think. I only have one aunt left to ask anything about anyone so I really should start writing stuff down. I am a net-novice but it certainly opens up a new world doesn't it?
Thanks for sharing, My email address is but I'm also Linda.

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From: "Brian Link"
Subject: Genealogy in Dunn County
Date: Sunday, October 19, 1997 10:39 AM
Hello! I read some of your genealogy page and you mention the ferry near Meridean...

My great grandfather, James Link, was buried in Fosbroke Cemetery in Dunn County Wisconsin, a cemetery which I've been unable to locate. However, the Dunn County News states the following:

"The remains of James Link, a former Dunn county resident who died Monday in South St. Paul, were brought here Tuesday. The funeral was held today from the Fall City schoolhouse, Rev. Mr. Householder of Louisville officiating. At the request of Mr. Link, interment was made by the side of his parents who lie in the cemetery just east of the Meridean ferry, not far from the place where the deceased spent his boyhood days."

Since you mention riding the ferry at Meridean, I thought maybe you'd have some ideas as to where this cemetery might be. Thanks!
Brian Link in St. Paul, Minnesota

Bob's Note: I referred Brian's email to Chuck & Caryll in New Richmond as they surely know the Meridean area better than I. Caryll's replies (in part) regarding Brian follow:

From: "Caryll Tibbetts"
TO: Bob Tibbetts
Subject: Got your email
Date: Tuesday, October 21, 1997 9:28 PM
Hi - We got the e-mail and the forward from Brian. Was interesting. Did research with the info we have here - Dunn Co. Platt and an old (1925) History of Dunn County. Didn't find Brian's great grandfathers name, although we did find Links.
Chuck is thinking perhaps it is the Old Meridean Ferry that they are referring to. We looked around Louisville and Fall City and that is nearer the old ferry than the one that your grandpa ran.
A man from our church grew up around Fall City. He and Chuck compare notes every time they get together. Chuck is going to call Rueben and see if he can give us any info--also Ida Keck could be a good source. We need to take a run down and see her again soon. We do go into Menomonie every once in awhile and could stop at the Court House. I suppose that would mean paying a fee for information.
I wonder about the library in Menomonie...that is a possible source for Brian. I know they have someone who does the archive stuff in the Library here in New Richmond. In fact she is a friend from Church. I think she is a volunteer.
Anyway, it was fun looking and thinking about sources. Chuck remembers finding the Cemetery..has no idea what the name of it was, but said he was on a Boy Scout hike when he first came upon it. We sort of zeroed in on the area yesterday..may drive over there. Not today, though - some other day. He said it was all overgrown with grass then, so probably would be hard to find now..although the late fall would be better than summer.

From: Caryll Tibbetts To: Bob Tibbetts
Subject: Good morning
Date: Wednesday, November 5, 1997 1:55 AM
We contacted Brian and Chuck gave his some directions to try and find the cemetery he thought perhaps Brian was looking for. We haven't heard from him since, so don't know if he had success or not. I hope so. ..Caryll & Chuck

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From: Barbara Canik
Date: Wednesday, December 17, 1997 7:06 AM
Subject: genealogy
I read your genealogy page on the internet. Merle Dalrymple was my grandmother's sister. Betty Jean, Vernon, and Gordon Mishler were my mother's cousins. I'm happy to share information if you are interested.
Barbara Canik, Janesville, WI

From: Bob Cor and Ruth Tibbetts
To: Barbara Canik
Date: Wednesday, December 17, 1997 5:15 PM
Subject: Re: genealogy
Hello Barbara,
Glad to hear from you and will be delighted to get any genealogy info you can share with us. I'll be happy if you can just help fill in the missing blanks on the William Mishler/Merle Dalrymple family. I remember them all from the times we spent together at Uncle Sam & Aunt Lucy's farm in Red Cedar. We lived on Tyrone Farm, a few miles up the road. I think they (Bill & Merle) lived in the twin cities but visited often with the children spending school vacations on the farm. Gordon & I were the same age and we were great chums at that time, probably during WW2 and shortly after. Aunt Lucy used to make the maple-flavored mixture and we all took turns chopping ice and cranking the ice cream freezer. Ice cream has never tasted as good since those days. I remember talking several times with Uncle Bill in Durand while I was in high school in Elmwood and would visit Durand. I Merle had died and Uncle Bill then lived in Durand. I don't remember ever seeing Vernon or Gordon since childhood, probably because we moved from Tyrone Farm in 1947/48 and I suppose we lost track. If you have any info on Samuel Mishler/Lucy Patrow be glad to have it. I don't remember when they died but perhaps while Joe was still single. I think he finally married and began raising a family, living near Nelson after we moved to Elmwood. Do you know anything about Joe's family?
My Aunt Alice (my Dad's only sibling) is still going strong in her 90s now. She sent a big packet of more Mishler data, mostly on the descendants of Deskin Mishler who was the oldest brother of Samuel Mishler and who I do not have listed yet. I'm working to get all added soon. Alice mentions that she has the obituary of her granddad, Joseph Mishler. I'll be adding applicable parts of her letter to the internet stuff soon too.
I'm glad to meet you Barbara. Bob, Cor and Ruth

From: Barbara Canik
Date: Thursday, December 18, 1997 2:50AM
Nice to hear from you.  I think you are not directly descended from the Mishler/Dalrymple family, is that correct?  I have Dalrymple information traced back many generations but it probably doesn't apply to you.  Merle Dalrymple's parents were Emmet and May Dalrymple.  Her older sister was my grandmother Lurline Dalrymple Cooper married to Lyle Cooper.  Her children were Harold, Ruth, Ed, and Anna May Cooper.  They were cousins to the Mishler kids.  I'll talk to my mom (Anna) and my Aunt Ruth and see what I can find out for you.  Merle was one of four Dalrymple girls and the first to die.  She died of breast cancer and I never knew her.  I do have a snapshot of her at my grandma's wedding because she was a witness. Tell your Aunt Alice that the Dunkards were a sect of Protestants who baptized by immersion.  That was considered odd in a time when people were mostly Methodist, Presbyterian, Luthern etc.  Barb

From: Barbara Canik
Date: Saturday, December 20, 1997 5:09 AM
I spoke with my Aunt Ruth. She said can't remember much but she stays in touch with Gordon Mishler and you should contact him. (Maybe you already have.) His address is:
Gordon Mishler
1223 E. Minnehaha
St. Paul, MN 55106
Barb Canik

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