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We are a group of lucky people who discovered the empty plains of Northeast Montana to be an almost perfect and certainly unique retirement location, satisfying our longing for peace and quiet and a real opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle. We are the happy homeowners of the 234-unit Saint Marie Condominium Association, Saint Marie, Montana, located just 19 miles North of Glasgow on Montana State Highway 24. We are a small group and our condo homes are surrounded by many unoccupied units needing only a savvy developer with the financial means to market and sell them.

Our homes are well maintained by maintenance contracts of the Saint Marie Condominium Association who also contract tender care to the common areas surrounding our buildings. Under the condominium concept, we homeowners share ownership of the condominium common elements and we are assessed a monthly fee to cover maintenance, insurance, and the operating costs and expenses of the association. The monthly assessment is based on the floor plan of our unit. The average monthly assessment is about $103.00.

The condominium homes at Saint Marie are part of the 1200-unit former housing area of the long-closed Glasgow Air Force Base. The base airfield and commercial areas are now owned by Boeing and operated as an aircraft test facility through their affiliate, Montana Air Research Company (MARCO). Boeing and MARCO are good neighbors who have generously contributed in many ways to the development of our association. Boeing and MARCO property areas are posted and public access to them is restricted. We homeowners respect and honor these restrictions. The base runway is slated to close at the end of 2001, (as a cost-saving measure) but will continue to be maintained.

St. Marie came to be through the vision and hard work of Mr. Patrick Kelly and his late wife, Judy, who started it all in 1988. As the original developer, Pat Kelly made sure the organizational documents legally protected the homeowners. These organizing documents; the development plan, the declaration and amendments, the bylaws, and homeowner rules and regulations were written to allow for growth and expansion and to protect the members of the association. Pat Kelly also established the Saint Marie Village Association that governs the Community through the Village Association Covenants and Village Association Bylaws.

The Saint Marie Condominium Association is operated and managed by an elected Board of Directors who maintain a Manager's office and an Administrative office at Building 521, the Town Hall. Elections are held to fill board vacancies during the annual meeting of association members. The Board of Directors conducts bidding to contract maintenance of condo buildings and units. They maintain a schedule of painting, siding, and roofing based primarily on a need for the service. They also issue work orders for emergency and unscheduled maintenance, and provide homeowners with maintenance schedules and reports of maintenance performed. The Saint Marie Condominium Association and the Saint Marie Village Association Boards of Directors prepare an annual Preliminary Financial Report and a Budget for the Condominium and the Village Association.

The Condominium Administrative Office prepares a monthly calendar and newsletter for hand and postal distribution to homeowners; handles the billing and collection of condo assessments; provides photocopy service; maintains and controls issue of unit keys; manages the coffee fund; maintains the homeowner's lounge and conference room; and provide a wide range of service to all homeowners needing assistance.

Retired life is good at Saint Marie spring, summer, fall, and winter. We share our peaceful surroundings with abundant bird and animal wildlife that grace our commons and wander freely and protected throughout our community. We love Saint Marie!

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