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Main Gate - Camp (Club) John Hay The many Americans who served, resided, or visited here while John Hay was a U.S. installation will be happy to know the facility looks much as it did when turned over to the Philippine Government July 1, 1991

But perhaps not for long! Leased to a foreign consortium for 25 years with construction to begin May 1997, many are fearful of Camp John Hay's environmental future, and of the public's free access to the leased facility

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Scenic Entrance to Camp John Hay, Baguio's Premier Tourist Attraction

Welcome to Baguio City, Philippines!

This Page is a Historical Tribute to Camp John Hay
We hope to present historical vignettes of Camp John Hay from a variety of sources.

We hope you enjoy your stay with us.

Revisiting Camp John Hay
January 31, 1998 Camp John Hay Visit
Meeting Ben & Amparo Pablo
Mike Claseman Writes

Story of CJH
Kennon Road
Home Page

As of March 14, 1999, Camp John Hay's Main Club is History!

We are saddened and sorry to report the destruction of the beautiful and historic Main Club building by the current developer. What more is in store for Camp John Hay? Here is an updated report!

Recent Camp John Hay Visit

We attended the St. Louis School Center's Family Day December 14, 1997, held at the Scout Valley grounds. We entered the Main Gate and drove via 19th Tee and Main Club, circling Scout Hill before going down to Scout Valley. What a beautiful place is Camp John Hay! The grounds and external appearances of facilities are immaculate and rival any memories I have of the American days. While driving in we took note of the changes we had read about in the local newspapers and verified that the Halfway House is gone; the Mile Hi is being torn down; and Snider Hall is a shell with lumber remnants filling the fenced enclosure. So many personal memories are invested in those three structures alone, I didn't have the heart to take photos of the remains.

We noted the busy golf course, crowded picnic areas, 'Couples for Christ' on Scout Hill, throngs of people strolling the open spaces everywhere, and bumper to bumper traffic as touring motorists passed in a continuous stream of vehicles. All this while only a few of the recreational facilities are now open. There's no doubt in my mind that Camp John Hay belongs as a wonderful and beautiful park for the people and public, not as a tourist mecca for the privileged few. We enjoyed the family day activities and happily met former co-workers, Ben & Amparo Pablo, who we had not seen since helping close out the US Air Force in April/May 1991. As promised Ampara, your photos follow.

Ben & Amparo Pablo, Scout Valley, Camp John Hay
Ben & Amparo Pablo

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Amparo, Ben, and Kids
Amparo, Ben, and Kids
Amparo's Mom & Family
Amparo's Mom (Mrs. Ramos) and Family

Mike Claseman, Former Newsletter Editor

Mike sent an email from Florida to say he was surprised to find this page when he used a search engine to look up his name. Mike's email address is . Thanks for the note, Mike!

January 31, 1998 Camp John Hay Visit

I spent an hour this morning driving through the facility and taking photos of scenes I thought many might like to see. It was a beautiful morning but the pictures did not turn out as well as I thought they should - between 9:30 and 10:30 AM so perhaps it was the sun's position. Anyhow, I'm pleased to share these with you. I was pleased to meet a few old friends and co-workers while there. Ric Chan is still going strong. Steve Santiago, our head chef for many years in the open mess, is still in the business and looks as young as ever. Fred Mangilinan, our favorite Bingo bartender, now retired but obviously enjoys spending time at John Hay and looks good. Rose dela Rosa, who worked at Bingo for a time and at various open mess facilities is still serving John Hay. It's so good to see and chat with old friends again.

Site of former Mile Hi
What's left of Mile Hi
Site of former Snider Hall
Snider Hall is only a memory

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Number 1/18 Fairway and 19T Restaurant
19T Cafe and Holes 1/18 Fairway
Famous Main Club
Famous Main Club Building

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Scenic view from Main Club garden
Scenic view from front of Main Club
Bell Ampitheatre & General's Quarters
Bell Ampitheatre & General's Quarters

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Statue of Liberty & Dispensary
Statue of Liberty & Dispensary
Site of former LoneStar Steakhouse
The old LoneStar Steakhouse

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Site of former Summit Conference Center
Summit Conference Center
Old barber shop - Now video rentals
Former Barber Shop

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John Hay Chapel
John Hay Chapel
Ball Field, Skating Rink, Mini Golf
Scout Hill Ball Field

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Mountain Breeze Bingo
Mountain Breeze Bingo
Administrative Offices
Administrative Offices

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Steve & Ric - faithful co-workers - on site of Halfway House
Steve & Ric - Halfway site
Mano & Fred at Halfway - Rose dela Rosa (behind, in ballcap)
Mano & Fred at Halfway

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