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Camp John Hay's Main Club is History!

We are saddened and sorry to report the destruction of the beautiful and historic Main Club building by the current developer . Why was this considered essential for redevelopment? What more is in store for Camp John Hay?

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Tibbetts Reunion Photos

Main Club - Before (January '98) & After (March '99)

What possible ediface can equal this historic beauty??
Main Club, A Lovely Historic Beauty
History versus 'redevelopment'!!
Main Club Ruins - through the trees

History takes a backseat to Development!'

This scenic view probably factored into death of Main Club!
Scenic view from destroyed Main Club

Main Club Right Wing - January '98 & Main Club Ruins - March '99

Main Club Right Wing in January '98
Main Club Right Wing - January '98
Main Club Ruins thru the trees - March '99
Main Club Ruins - March '99

Mini-Tour of Scout Hill, Camp John Hay and Baguio, March 14, 1999

The Main Club is gone but we hear the golf course is undergoing complete renovation. Many other changes are underway. We were allowed to tour only the Scout Hill area and were denied access to construction areas. We want to share these few photos with you until we can have another tour.

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'No Entry' to Main Club Area
No Entry to Main Club
Main Club Ruins
Main Club Ruins
No Access to General's Quarters
No Access
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Honeymoon Cottage
Honeymoon Cottage
CJH Fire Station
CJH Fire Station
Civil Engineers
Civil Engineers Complex
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Motor Pool Area & Housing?
Motor Pool
CJH Main Gate - Barred & Closed
Main Gate Closed
New Nevada Inn
New Nevada Inn
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New Adoration Room at Baguio Cathedral
Adoration Room
Baguio City - Tree Top View
Baguio View
Baguio City - Roof Top View
Baguio View

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