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Genealogy Efforts at Tibbetts House


Dedicated to those family members who came before us...

the Aguilar Family and
Tibbetts Family and Johnson Family
and Mishler Family ...and Flann Family (a beginning) ...

and hoping to keep their memory alive
in those who come after us.

Aunt Alice Letter 
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Joseph Mishler Obit
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Notes on current Aguilar genealogy efforts:

Brenda Almagro Huff and Paul Huff reside in Natalbany, Louisiana along with children Caris, Kevin and Curtis Andrew. Caris plans to wed in 1998. Email is:

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Notes on current Tibbetts genealogy efforts:

We posted the below notice on "Genealogy - America's Most Wanted" in December 1996 and immediately received a reply stating "I have a Tibbetts line and would like to help you." However, our reply went unanswered. We've since discovered that Grandma Mary Elizabeth Mishler was born in 'Cashocton, Goshen, Indiana' so she and not Grandpa Charles Arthur may be the Indiana connection. We intend to amend the 'Most Wanted' entry soon.

TIBBETTS, William, b ? ME? m Rachel Pomeroy in ME? Know of one child, 
my grandfather, Charles Arthur, b 15 Jul 1858 ME? d 23 Nov 1914 Eau Claire,
 WI. m Mary Elizabeth Mishler, 04 Dec 1886, Eau Claire, WI. Charles 
Arthur may have resided Mishawaka, IN area before moving to WI. 
Recall Jarvis family visiting from there and may be related. 1296 
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Excerpts of Aunt Alice Johnson's August 30, 1997 letter:

(Thanks so much, Aunt Alice, for your priceless information.)
"My dads brothers & sisters I remember.
Chas Tibbetts
Millard Tibbetts
Hiram Tibbetts
Della Brown
Nit (Don't know her real name. We always called her Aunt Nit.
Her last name is Storey.)
Emily Patrow
Angaline Mountain
Wish you would look up Clark Storey & Aunt Nit. They lived in Durand. Had 2 girls but don't remember their names. Uncle Clark died in about 1918 & Aunt Nit moved to Eau Claire. Mother & I went to see her in Eau Claire.
Millard had children, but do not know their names. Betty (the one that was here for the reunion) is a granddaughter of Millard.
Uncle Hiram lived in Eau Claire. He had 4 boys, Leonard, Arthur, George, & Henry. Arthur came to Wash. State & got married. I imagine that some of the Tibbetts here are his offspring.
Della Brown lived in Eau Claire & had 2 boys.
Aunt Knit had 2 girls, do not remember their names.
Aunt Emily Patrow had 9 boys & 5 girls. Gladys, Esther, Dolly, Jessie, & Lucy. The boys I don't remember all their names. Lucy Mishler married to Uncle Sam. She was Aunt Lucy to us. Now the boys - Sam in Eau Claire, George in Eau Claire, Sal (or Sol) who had a feed store in Eau Claire. Wink, which is a nickname. One of the boys was killed in St. Paul. Was hit over head. Sam's boy in Eau Claire has a Patrow reunion, I think every year. Betty writes to him.
Aunt Angaline Mountain was married to an Ortan & had 2 boys. Lived in Durand. He died & she married a Mountain & had 4 boys. Don't remember only one, ED & he lived just out of Spring Valley. They were all Catholics. Aunt Angaline is buried in the Church Cemetary.
Sam Patrow's son in Eau Claire would know the Patrow boys names. Hope you can get some dope on them.
Anything I can help you with let me know. A friend got me some dope on the Pennsylvania Dutch. Did not get much but found out they were not Dutch but Germans.
Your great grandmother Rebecca Mishler was Pennsylvania Dutch. She and grandpa were Dunkards (a religion). Can't seem to get anything on the Dunkards.
Grandma's maiden name was Moyers. There is a bunch of Moyers around Rock Falls. They are relatives of grandma. See if you can get anything on the Dunkards."

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Excerpts of Aunt Alice Johnson's October 20, 1997 letter:

(Thanks again, Aunt Alice, for all of Sis's data to us.)
"Sending all the info that Sis sent me. I don't remember anything about grandpa & grandma Tibbetts. I remember grandma. I was about 5 when she passed away. They lived in Eau Claire on the North side.
I have the grandpa Mishler & my dad's obituaries. I will get a copy of them & send to you.
Elmer Mishler's first wife was Rachel Frank from Red Cedar. She lost 1 leg & had a wooden leg. She & Elmer had Doris & Ruthie. After she passed away Elmer married Emma Doan. They had Vera.
Did I tell you that Uncle Deck (Deskin) was my mother's oldest brother. Chas Mishler (one of Uncle Decks boys) lived in Eau Claire. He married Nell Hubbard Lamb. One day Chas came home from work, put his car in the garage, shut the door, got in the car & turned on the motor. That's where they found him. Don't know why.
The attached is on Zelma's 3 kids - Frank Lester & Gloria (everyone calls her Sis).
Zelm is Uncle Decks youngest child. She passed away in 92. She was same age as me. We were always great pals from kids up.
Gloria - Zelms girl - sent me all this info. I called her & told her you wanted it.
Sis came to Richland, Washington, when she was a teenager from Elk Mound to work at Hanford. Zelma & Phil came out to see her & liked it so well out here they moved out. Zelm & Phil had a restaurant in Elk Mound, Wisconsin. Out here, Phil worked in the Richland Post Office. He was a mail carrier."

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Newspaper clipping of Joseph Mishler Obituary

(Aunt Alice was left the undated clipping by her mother, Mary Elizabeth Mishler Tibbetts, who wrote the date '1908' beside the clipping's heading and included the following in her own handwriting: 'Charlie Tibbetts died November 24, 1914. Mother died April 20, 1911')


Joseph Mishler Passes Away at His Home Near Meridean June 13.

Joseph Mishler an old pioneer of the town of Peru, who has resided near Meridean since 1872 passed away at his home there on Thursday June 13 after a few days illness aged 85 years 11 months and 17 days.
The deceased was born near Montreal in Canada on June 25, 1822 and lived there to young manhood. He came to the United States in the early 40's and at Goshen, Indiana in 1842, was united in marriage to Rebecca Moyer. In 1872 he with his family came to Wisconsin and settled near Meridean where he has since resided.
Thirteen children blessed the union of Mr. and Mrs. Mishler, five of whom survives with the life companion to mourn the loss of a kind and considerate husband and father. The surviving children are D.C. of the town of Frankfort, John, Sam, Mary, Mrs. Chas. Tibbetts and Hariett, Mrs. Al Tuttle all of Meridean.
The subject of our sketch was an honest industrious man and had many friends who were pained to learn of his demise even tho he had passed his alotment of three score years and twenty.
The funeral services were held on Saturday at the home and the interment made in the Locke cemetery, Rev. Flora of Menomonie officiated at the service which was largely attended by many friends who came to show the last mark of esteem and respect to a departed friend and neighbor."

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 A Mishler Letter:

Excerpts of a letter to Aunt Alice Johnson from Gloria (Sis) Merle Kurz Nesbitt, daughter of Zelma Jane Mishler Kurz. Gloria lives in Richland, Washington. We hope you don't mind our including your letter here, Gloria. We've never met you, and your letter is such a fine introduction to and description of your family that we couldn't resist sharing it with other family members.

Monday - 13th
Dear Alice,
Was so good to talk to you the other day, and I'm so sorry to have taken so long in getting this off to you. We had a yard sale last week, boy what a big job. We had lots of help, so was fun also. My friend from Vancouver came up also Jeff & his family and my sister-in-law and our good friend Becky. Did real well on it. Didn't know we had so much stuff we didn't use.
Jeff and John went bird hunting came home with 3 pheasants. Went out at noon Saturday & home about 4:00 again.
Guess we will take off for Las Vegas in Nov. and plan to spend Xmas holidays in Mexico with the family. Jeff is a teacher & also his wife and they have a 16 mo old little red curly hair girl, Nicolette, and live in Woodland, WA.
Doug lives in Florida and flies for Continental Airlines. He sometimes flies into Seattle or Portland, when he has an overnight with some extra time, we go meet him, so see him often.
Greg and Beth are in Iowa. His son Jon graduated from high school last spring, and Katrina is in high school. So the kids are all doing o.k.
John and I keep busy, spend a lot of time traveling with the R.V. Club and also Square Dance every chance we get. Keep pretty busy for a couple of old folks.
Take care now and when I go thru the pictures I found I will send them
on to you, may be some of the kids would like them. Love to all, Sis & John

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