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Welcome to Tibbetts House
Asin Road

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Welcome, friend! We're pleased to show you our pages. We hope you'll sit a spell and find the browsing worthwhile.
Click to Enlarge BAGUIO CITY — Here along Asin Road we enjoy a spectacular view of our Cordillera Mountain surroundings, Lingayen Gulf, and the South China Sea. Sunsets are especially beautiful.

        We came to Baguio City in 1972, and moved to Asin Road in 1978. We enjoy the peace and quiet of our community and the friendliness of our neighbors. You'll find more personal trivia if you browse our Family page.

Be sure to check back ... often
        We want to share with you our enthusiasm for the Philippines through these pages and links, and in particular for our Asin Road Barangay, Baguio City, Cebu and Davao. Be sure to check back every so often as these pages are 'under construction' on a continuing basis.

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Marge and Wes
        This page created on the day Marge and Wes married. Our best wishes, Marge & Wes, for a lifetime of happiness.

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Tibbetts House
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