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Umalikayun am-in hitun Pistan di Umili '95

March 15-25, of our dear Asin Road Barangay.

This year's celebration is the Ifugao traditional Dinupdup type of Imbaya of ten days with the beating of gongs and dancing every evening. This will give all sectors to participate actively and share with one another the beauty of community life. At this point let us generate, awaken and motivate ourselves to the socio-cultural, political, social and spiritual needs to insure ourselves that we must be on the right path to righteousness.

The highlights of our occasion is the First Anniversary of our Ave Maria Church, the feast of the Annunciation which falls on March 25, 1995. We have chosen this event very highly because without it there is no redemption that ever happened, no Christmas and Easter feasts to commemorate. It was only when Mary accepted that the Word was made flesh and the world was saved especially you and me.

Our dear Mother Mary, the nearest to God still teach and pray for us as evidenced by all her apparitions to insure that we must be onward to Heaven our Eternal home with God.

Other events are as follows - the opening is the Hulin which is the Ifugao traditional way of cleansing ourselves, our homes, and our environment of the habitation of the devil. Marriage encounter gives enrichment to couples. Kabataan Congress and sports, barangay medical day, senior citizens day, government workers day, ecumenical bible study, Spiritual retreat and mass baptism as well as marriage are all events that would afford everyone's participation.

Let us make our Pistan di Umili a prayer by itself, glorifying, praising God and thanking Him for all the blessings and trials He has given us. Let us refuel and renew ourselves to unite and cooperate to meet the challenge of the devil, thru all forms of criminalities, to protect our people and our barangay as the only paradise we have on earth to live in.

In behalf of my family and the Ave Maria Church, as well as the barangay council, May I thank all of you especially the different organizations such as the Ave Maria Parish Council, the Concerned Citizens, the Barangay Council, the Sangguniang Kabataan, Purok Leaders, parents, friends and visitors for without your full support, our Pistan di Umili would not be a success.

Thank you and God Bless you.

Reynaldo Lopez Nauyac, Punong Barangay

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